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PLEASE NOTE:  Because we make almost all of our miniatures on a custom order basis, we do not often
have items "in stock".  Most of the items shown here are not for sale, though we would be happy to create a unique
miniature just for you.  Anything that we do have available for sale will be listed on the "For Sale" page.
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In March of 2001, Tori  achieved one of her creative goals by becoming an  IGMA Fellow in the category of Animal Figures.
She specializes in birds and animals that live in the southwestern region of the United States, though she also creates a number of
fantasy figures such as dragons & harpies.  The animals are either carved from wood or made from Creative Paperclay and
a variety of other media.


     Hummingbirds - carved in
1:12th and 1:24th scale
they are iridescent just
like their real-life counterparts.

   More birds - roadrunners, orioles,
robins, etc.

The photo at left is of a face-off between a roadrunner and western-diamondback

  Other critters - primarily desert animals.

This is a gila monster sunbathing on a rock.

and a few other animals, or
parts thereof....not for the

Image is of a 1:12 scale dragon

Dorothy's room -
 a special effects room box

Animated Fairy Business Card Holder

Animated scarecrow


Love Potion #999

More animated fairies

Armoires with magic
mirror images

The Great Clown Chorus

The Wizard's Tower

Color changing
"Crystal ball"

Weathervanes & Signs

Iron fireplace tools

Wheelbarrows &
Garden tools


Silver Tea Canister,

Tin cups 

Trotting Horse
Baby Carriage


1:12 jointed human skeletons

Treasure chests




1/4" scale Pumpkin House

144th scale Christmas house

  144th Scale
Illuminated Christmas

Elements of Style Roombox

Elf House

A two-story house in
a hen's egg


Sprites in a saguaro boot

144 scale cottage

1880's Western Storefront

and other facades

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