Some of the magazine issues in which Minimotion creations were included or featured
over the last 10 years.  How-to articles are highlighted in red

º  Dollhouse Miniatures, September 2004 - "Build a 'Rock' Wall Planter from Clay" (Creative Paperclay)

º  Dollhouse Miniatures, July 2004 - "Would You Believe It Isn't Wood?"
  how to create the look of a wooden barrel planter and wooden bucket with Creative Paperclay
  -  also in this issue, Bogart Wardrobe in article about Sally Wallace's "Hogwart's"

º  Dollhouse Miniatures, April 2004 - "Spring Planting with Paperclay Pots"

º   Miniature Collector, July 2003 - IGMA Elements of Style Roombox "The 60's"

º  Dollhouse Miniatures, October 2001 - "Moving In A New Direction" feature article on the
  creation of our animated miniatures, and how to make a headstone with Creative Paperclay

º  Miniature Collector, September 2001 - Guild Fellows

º  Dollhouse Miniatures, April 2001 - Guild Showcase, Elements of Style Roombox
  "Remnanat of the Old West"

º  Miniature Collector, March 2001 - IGMA Elements of Style Roombox "Remnants of the Old West"

º  Dollhouse Miniatures, December 1999 - hummingbird for Sandy Dawson & Roz Weitzman's
  "Rainbow Bridge"

º  Dollhouse Miniatures, September 1998 - New Products - hummingbirds and feeders

º  Dollhouse Miniatures, April 1998 - Egg House

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