How to's and How done's.......

Quarter-scale pumpkin house...
though the directions can be used
for any scale

For your pumpkin house, or anywhere else
you choose.

General Guidelines for Working with Creative Paperclay©

Need a nice flat sheet of Dry Paperclay?

Well of course you do!

Here's how to make one in the thickness
you choose, and how to KEEP IT FLAT!

Playing around with various
things to create a large
life-size prop and some
miniature ghosts.

How to sculpt a

tree from Creative Paperclay

Quarter Scale
"Candy Corn House"

LED Lighting VIDEO!

Due to the overwhelming response of those who tried to
get in to our workshop at the NAME National, and for
others who have asked for help with LED lighting questions,
we have created an instructional DVD.  Please check the
For Sale page if you are interested in purchasing the

Paperclay Masks

  Paperclay Jack-O-Lantern  with Painting Instructions 

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