Western Storefront
  and Other Facades
     made with Creative Paperclay


The hot desert sun beats down upon you as you travel the
dusty streets.
A lone buzzard
circles high overhead.
The grit of the trail clings thickly on your clothes and parches
your mouth and throat, and the rusty jangle of your spurs
rings in your ears as you step onto the boardwalk. A stop at
the local mercantile for a cool sarsaparilla and the town's
latest gossip would be just the thing!

Top view showing the weathered boardwalk

Everything in the  1:12 scale 1880's storefront was created
from paperclay, except for the acrylic windows.

Below is a detail of the "wood" siding, signs, and moulding.

Haunted House Facade
once again, bricks, siding, doors, steps, shingles, etc., etc. are made from paperclay.
Instructions for how to make a scary tree and jack-o-lanterns are on our
how-to pages.

The Jack-o-lanterns are lit with LEDs, and a bright white
LED is wired to a BasicSTAMP computer which runs a
lightning effect, illuminating a witch silhouette in the window.

Below are some details of the facade

Adobe Garden Wall

below is a detail photo of the wall, showing the rusty old iron grate,
door handle, and planter.  Everything in the above photo except
for the plants, the dirt, and small clay planter on the right, are made
from paperclay.  Clay planter was made by Julie Hinkle.

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