The "Elements of Style" is a traveling exhibit of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.
The room boxes are housed in clock cases, and every two years different themes
are represented by various artists, all Artisans or Fellows of the Guild, chosen by the
designer/coordinator of the exhibit.

Tori has collaborated with Shirley Whitworth on two of these boxes throughout the years,
and her work has been used in three of them.

The theme for the 2005 clock cases was "East Meets West" and was organized by Ina Lyon.
  Shirley and Tori created a  piece which features a miner who headed west for the gold rush.
Figure by Shirley Whitworth, burro, scenery, mine, etc. by Tori.



Naturally, there has to be a few surprises in the scene -
from this angle, you can see the miner's whiskey jug propped up between
his legs, and upon closer inspection of the rocks, you may find a little
critter or two hiding here and there.

As you've probably already guessed, the rocks, burro, tree, jug, mine shaft, etc. are made with Creative Paperclay.

For more information on the Elements of Style and images of the previous set of
clock cases, please visit the Guild web site, listed on the links page.

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