Paperclay Pottery -

Below are three different methods I've used for making pottery pieces with
Creative Paperclay -  The first group was done on the lathe!  The dark gray
pieces were left over clay I had, which had been mixed with black acrylic for
some other experiments I was doing with the clay.  I rolled the clay and let it
dry, then chucked it in the lathe.  I was amazed with the results!

There is NO FINISH applied to the pieces in this group.....
they are just buffed and polished paperclay!  While they were still turning in the lathe,
I smoothed them with fine sandpaper, wiped that off with a damp paintbrush,
then used a torn paper bag and a soft cotton cloth to buff/polish them.

(NOTE:  If you decide to try using paperclay on your lathe
PLEASE WEAR A DUST MASK and of course your usual
SAFETY GLASSES - this makes a lot of fine particle dust)


The blue & white pieces below were also turned on the lathe.  I attempted
to make a "cane" with different shades of blue, but I didn't get the layers
very well centered, as you can tell by the picture of the cane in the photo.
The pottery turned out with really interesting designs though.

The piece below was also turned on the lathe.  It is approximately
1 7/8" H X 7/8" W.  To make the blank for turning it, I cut the bottom from an old
prescription bottle, filled the bottle with paperclay and then let it dry. 

All the pottery in this next grouping was done using paperclay on a
miniature potter's wheel.  The tallest piece in the group is slightly
less than 1/2" H.

The pieces below were created by pushing paperclay into a mold
and letting it dry.  A contact-lens case was used for the first set.
The bowl on the right is how it came out of the mold, the
bowl on the left is finished with a copper finish then aged.

These pieces were done in a medicine cup - the one on the left is
how it came out of the mold.  The one on the right has watercolor
paper applied in a pattern, then the whole thing was given a "stone" finish.


Here are a few more photos of decorted paperclay pottery pieces:



This piece of pottery is the only one on these pages NOT made of Creative Paperclay -
it was done in ceramic clay on a miniature potter's wheel, glazed and fired.
It is the first piece of miniature pottery Tori made, and was created in a class taught by
Craig Roberts.

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