This 1:12 scale Wizard's Chair was designed and carved by Tori for a project of Moonyeen Moller's.
Moonyeen was kind enough to send the photo of it with the wizard and other objects she will be using in her project.

Wizard figure created by Todd Krueger - Turnings by Jeff Spera




Steve made the very delicate Windsor style high-chair, above,  in Mark Murphy's Guild school class.

The mission style furniture pieces below are a sewing chair, serving table, and swinging cradle Steve made during workshops with Jack Chasteen.




and this little wicker rocking cradle was made by Tori
in Bonnie Backe's Guild school class.

Tori made the red chair and Raggedy Ann doll below.  The chair is a made from basswood and is a
replica of one that her daughters had when they were small children.
It is 1 7/8" tall  (the mini, not the real chair).

The Raggedy Ann doll is made from............POLYMER CLAY!  Yes, Tori actually does use polymer clay
on occassion. :)


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