The Wizard's Tower 
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In the uppermost tower chamber the wizard Aromad examines his Book of Spells As he reads, Grenette the fairy looks on - her wings beat slowly as she contemplates the wizard's next exciting bit of magic.  On the shelf nearby, her fairy sisters Elandia and Brennoway flutter their wings excitedly as they discuss the latest goings-on in the forest.
   As Aromad carefully reads each line in the manuscript his magic mirror transforms as Evot The Wise (an imp from the nether-side of the mirror) makes his appearance to see if the wizard is in need of his assistance.
  Meanwhile the wizard's mischievous pet sleeps contentedly, knowing that Aromad's only copy of the book "Dragon Training Made Easy" won't be causing him any further problems.

The Wizard's Tower is a 1/12 scale miniature - Aromad is approx. 6 inches tall (or would be, if he were standing up!)  The tower was created with two interlocking pieces  - the outside shell fits over the
inside shell, which houses the "workings" of the tower. The overall dimensions of the project are 24" dia. and approx. 48" tall.

Animation and special effects:
Aromad appears to be reading the book as his hand moves across the page, his head lifts and he pauses in thought..  All of the fairies move their wings at various timing cycles.  The crystal ball on the table cycles through five color changes, each one fading into the next before the cycle repeats.  The "magic" mirror looks like a regular mirror, but at a certain point in the sequence, it lights up to reveal the imp behind it.  The torch lights have "flickering" flames.
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