These are some examples of our animated armoires
They are all hand carved from basswood, and have
 a computer, smoke, and mirrors inside that
cause a ghostly image to appear and disappear
at programmed intervals.

The armoires shown are not for sale, but one can be designed for you.

Medieval style commissioned for
Rik Pierce's Hogwart's castle.
It, of course, has a boggard image

more photos of this armoire

Fairy armoire - features flowers,
stars, and fairies surrounding
the mirror - the illusion shows a
castle in the distance with steps
leading towards it, as if you could
step through the mirror into
another realm.

more photos of this armoire

Witch's Wardrobe -
This is the first one we made,
and was featured in the October
2001 article about us in
Dollhouse Miniatures magazine.
The image inside is a ghostly face.

more photos of this armoire

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