Based on Dorothy's room from the movie "The Wizard of Oz", this roombox is done in grays and
sepia tones (this portion of the movie is in "black & white").  The room was based on many, many,
photos of the room in the movie - photographed on a large screen display, then put into the
computer where bits of the fabrics, wallpaper, etc. were analyzed and reproduced to scale.

Close up of some of the room details.
BTW, as many of you already know, there are a few errors in the movie ....
those items on the table do not remain the same throughout, and who knows HOW that
figurine manages to stay there when the wind blows the other half of the window off.

Views of both sides of the room.

The effect...
The video camera doesn't like this because of the light changes of the effect, but here are clips of what it looks like as it's changing.


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