Love Potion #999

For years our lonely witch has tried,
to woo Prince Charming to her side
She's tried hexes, voodoo, charms and spells
to no avail! - No wedding bells!

She's tried all methods of enchantment
wrinkle creams, and breast enhancement.
Charm school didn't do the trick,
her “gourmet cooking”- made him sick.

She's brewed all kinds of potent potions
strange perfumes, exotic lotions.
She's spouted spells in the pale moonlight,
and chanted chants in the dead of night

Yet years go by, and still she labors
to win her love with brews and favors
Her potion-laced apples turning rotten
the returned love letters, now forgotten

Will this be the potion that captures her man?
She stirs, she daydreams, she starts to plan
the finery and details of their grand wedding day one ingredient gets away

© Tori West - 2003

Details of Love Potion #999

Our newest animated project, the story of a poor lovesick witch.

The witch stirs her cauldron, the cat watches her, blinks, twitches it's tail
a number of times, a rat runs across the floor (when he feels like it) as
the cat watches the rat.  The cat, being fed too many kitty treats and being
kind of a lazy cat anyhow, does not even try to get that rat but instead
looks back to "Mom" wondering why she doesn't do something about it.

Of course, she is too busy brewing up her latest potion and staring
longingly at the portrait of Prince Charming to even notice all of this
going on.  She also fails to recognize that one of her primary ingredients,
the freshly caught frog, is sneaking out of the cauldron.  Guess she will have
to come up with her next potion soon.


Ah, she's so in love, and she's all dolled up, just in case the prince shows up.
Hard to see in this photo, but she is wearing her sexy black apron over her witch gown.


Here is the object of her affection.
Black roses on mantel were created (especially for me!) by Gail St. Clair, IGMA Artisan, of Tucson, Arizona.
What else would this witch have on her mantel except a bleeding heart plant?

Potion-laced apples were commissioned from Leah DiCenzo, IGMA Artisan, also of Tucson.
(and there goes that rat!)

Her collection of previous experiments gone awry,
books, etc.  Some of the books in her collection
Witches are from Mercury, Princes are from Pluto
APHRODISIACS - For Fun and Profit
Love Poems and Sonnets
Wooing for Witches
Potions for Passion!
Writing Effective Love Letters That GET YOU NOTICED!


The cauldron and froggie with & without the lights on.
and a few more photos of the entire scene with & without the lights.


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