This 1:12 scale piece is called "Strike!"  It represents the moment when a rattlesnake and roadrunner
are about to strike each other and you don't know which one will win.

(In case you're wondering, the roadrunner almost always wins).

The western diamondback rattler is sculpted & carved from Creative Paperclay.  The roadrunner is carved wood with
painted watercolor paper added for feather details.

Here is another roadrunner.  This one is 1:24 scale, freestanding
 and created to look like it is running across the road
(the customer put it on their own road,
so in the photo it is just running across a table).

1:12 scale Western Red-Tailed Hawk
looking for his next meal.

The piece is a mixed-media creation; hawk is
carved wood and paperclay, with individual feathers
added from painted watercolor paper.  The tree is
created entirely from paperclay, and the base is wood
and landscaping material.

  What the hawk doesn't know is that in a mouse is hidden
in a little hollow at the base of the tree.  (It was just a fun surprise for the customer,
she didn't find it right away either :) )

This piece is called "Sentinal".  The male Gambel's quail is keeping watch over his
family - Mom, and five babies (Mom is keeping an eye on the tots as well).  It is
a 1:12 scale mixed-media piece.


woodcarving of 1:12 scale
male hooded oriole,

1:12 scale robin feeding a fat juicy worm to her babies in the nest.

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