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The L.E.D. DVD shown below, and "follow along" kit is still available for sale in limited quantities.

The cost of the DVD is $24.95 U.S. plus $2.00 shipping/handling.

A kit, consisting of the materials needed to follow along with the
DVD project, is also available for an additional $5.00
(kit includes the following: one "warm white" LED, resistor,
battery clip, servo extension cable,  several lengths of shrink
tubing) you will need to supply your own tools & soldering
equipment.  Suggestions for the purchase of these materials
are made on the DVD.

Purchase Options
All orders  include a quick-reference card and list of sources.

We began using LEDs in our miniature settings and
effects many years ago because they are so versatile -
they produce virtually no heat, are almost
indestructible, come in an almost limitless range of
colors, and last for about 10,000 hours of use!

The images to the left are examples of LEDs in use, and are
not items for sale.  The first image shows a common 5mm LED
in the foreground, and a small circuit board wired with 4 tiny
colored LEDs in the background.  The small LEDs were used
to create the effect of an old fashioned revolving color wheel
on a silver Christmas tree. (they were hidden inside a wrapped
package under the tree).

The jack-o-lanterns in the next image are made from
Creative Paperclay®  and lit with warm-white 5mm LEDs.
(instructions for how to make the jack-o-lanterns can be found
on the How-To page)

The next set of photos shows a surface-mount LED covered
with polymer clay and used as a 1:12th scale night light; a "scaredy-cat"
with sculpted over green LEDs to create the glowing eyes,
and a polymer clay wall sconce over a cool white LED.


The ceiling light on the left is made from painted watercolor paper and
a portion of a ping-pong ball.  The matching wall sconce is also made
with watercolor paper, with a rice paper lining.

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